Tours – Detail

Garden Canyon

Graces Warbler Garden Canyon is located on Fort Huachuca, a U.S. Army base, just over an hour southeast of Tucson.

Because the habitats are relatively undisturbed on the base, we have a good opportunity to see a wide variety of species. It’s a fun and productive trip.

Bring your driver’s license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance to gain access to the base. Insect repellent is a good idea in the summer.

Madera Canyon

Elegant Trogon Madera Canyon, located in the Santa Rita mountains, is 25 miles south of Tucson and 11 miles east of Green Valley.

Madera Canyon is world famous for its birds, but it’s also great for butterflies!

Many of the trails are paved. There are some that are well-maintained gravel with occasional loose rocks.

Patagonia/ Kino Springs

Violet Crowned Hummingbird This bird and butterfly hotspot is a little over an hour and half from Tucson.

We stop at The Nature Conservancy’s Sonoita Creek Preserve, Patagonia Lake State Park, and Kino Springs.

This is a fun trip if you like a variety in tour stops.

Insect repellent is a good idea in the summer.

Sweetwater Wetlands

Violet Crowned Hummingbird This site is the best spot in Tucson for dragonflies and damselflies. In addition, it is an excellent location for urban birding where multitudes of ducks spend the winter.

Sweetwater Wetlands is a Tucson Water property consisting of ponds and recharge basins.

There are well-maintained, graded gravel paths, several benches for taking breaks, and a covered gazebo for shade.

Saguaro National Park

Saguaro Saguro East, located at the base of the Rincon Mountains, is an excellent trip for those new to southern Arizona or to birding in general.

Trails that we will be taking are well-maintained, consisting of sand, gravel, and bedrock. There are occasional stretches of loose rocks and there is some elevation gain on some trails. Rattlesnakes are a possibility during the warmer months.

This area can be very hot during the summer months, so early starts are necessary.

Sulphur Springs Valley

Saguaro Come see 30,000+ Sandhill Cranes, hundreds of ducks and geese, and many species of raptor! This is one of the best areas for birding in the winter in southern Arizona.

Sulphur Springs Valley is located between Bisbee and Willcox, about two hours from Tucson. Dress in layers as temperatures can very from day to day and morning to afternoon.

This is a driving tour where we visit sites such as Twin Lakes in Willcox, Whitewater Draw, and many agricultural areas.