Sweet Morning at Sweetwater

GreenHeronAguaCaliente6ix09This morning I had the pleasure to lead seven birders on a walk around Sweetwater Wetlands, one of the premier urban birding sites in the country (in my humble opinion).

One of the first things we notices was the abundance of dragonflies on the wing.  We saw many Blue Dashers, Flame Skimmers, Blue-eyed Darners and Common Green Darners.  We also spied smaller numbers of Giant Darner, Wandering Glider, Mexican Amberwing, and more.

But back to the birds.  We quickly found a southbound Olive-sided Flycatcher, which was perched near a Tropical Kingbird, allowing for a good study of the two genera.  We also had Yellow and Wilson’s Warblers, among other songbirds.  Songs Sparrow and Abert’s Towhee were vocal and conspicuous.

Two of the three recharge basins were dry, yielding only Killdeer, but the third had some water in it and produced the day’s only Spotted Sandpiper.

We saw several Green Herons, as well as a Great Egret, trying to look inconspicuous among the bulrushes.  It didn’t succeed very well!  We had a quick view of a single Sora, a family group of American Coot, and several Common Moorhens.

The duck numbers are still low, but we did see Northern Shoveler and Mallard, with three female Blue-winged Teal.

We had good looks at a pair of young Cooper’s Hawks before they got nervous and flew off.

All in all, it was a wonderful morning with some great folks!




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