Recently, I was watching the local morning news program as I made coffee and tried to wake up.  A piece came on about the dangers of living in rattlesnake country.  At the conclusion of the segment, the reporter stated that the best way to avoid being bitten was ‘.. stay indoors and stay away from […]

A Glowrious Beetle

Last weekend I set up my blacklight sheet in the Mt. Wrightson picnic area in Madera Canyon.  It was an opportunity for me to do some blacklighting at a higher elevation (about 5500 feet) than my usual spot at Madera picnic area. Along with the moths, tree crickets, mantispids, and other insects that were attracted to the light, was […]

Sweet Morning at Sweetwater

This morning I had the pleasure to lead seven birders on a walk around Sweetwater Wetlands, one of the premier urban birding sites in the country (in my humble opinion). One of the first things we notices was the abundance of dragonflies on the wing.  We saw many Blue Dashers, Flame Skimmers, Blue-eyed Darners and […]

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