Moths in Tucson Mountain Park

Last night, Julie Strom and I hosted a Nature Nights: Bats and Bugs event at Ironwood Picnic Area in Tucson Mountain Park.  Julie handled the bat portion of the program and I took care of the bugs.  We had a good turnout of people, bats, and bugs! Julie started things off with a presentation on […]

Nationl Moth Week is here!

The third annual National Moth Week is here.  Last night the first of my moth nights was held at Middle Bear Picnic Area on Mt. Lemmon in Coronado National Forest.  It was a beautiful night in the cool, pine-scented air at about 5,000 feet elevation.  The moths did not disappoint. Among the highlights were a […]

Another Moth Profile

I have been doing some ‘scouting’ for National Moth Week recently.  Basically, I am setting up a blacklight and see what turns up.  Last night the star of the show was Norape tenera.  Dozens of them showed up at the light.  So, it seemed a good time to talk about these moths a little bit. […]

Moth Profile #3

With National Moth Week about a week-and-a-half away, it is time for another moth species profile.  Today’s species in the spotlight is the Clio Tiger Moth (Ectypia clio).  Like the Faithful Beauty (see previous post), this moth is in the subfamily Arctiinae of the Erebidae. This is a striking white moth with black stripes on the […]

A Moth for the 4th of July

In honor of Independence Day, I offer this little tidbit on a wonderful moth.  The Faithful Beauty (Composia fidelissima) is one of the most gorgeous Lepidoptera in North America.  In the U.S., it is found only in subtropical southern Florida and the Keys. Due to its red, white, and blue coloration, it is sometimes known […]

A Really Cool Surprise

One of the great things about spending a lot of time out in the field is that it provides you an opportunity to witness things that most people never get to see.  For example, today I was leading the weekly bird walk at Agua Caliente Park in Tucson.  I have lead this same walk many […]

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