Moth Species Profile #2

It is well-known that moths fly at night and butterflies are on the wing during the day.  You would really not be paying attention not to know this.  However, as is often the case, there are exceptions to this rule.  There are moths that fly during the day, just like butterflies.  And, to make matters […]

Moth Species Profile #1

As National Moth Week approaches (July 19-27, 2014), I thought that I would introduce readers to some of the moths that grace southern Arizona’s deserts, grasslands, and forests. So, in this first installment of the column, I decided to start with one of largest moths in southern Arizona. Antheraea oculea is sometimes called the Western […]

National Moth Week is Coming Up!

The third annual National Moth Week is coming up! This year’s NMW is July 19-27 and there are events scheduled around the country. I will be leading blacklight nights during the week- one on Mt. Lemmon in the Santa Catalina Mountains (on 7/20, starting at 7PM at Middle Bear Picnic Area) and another in Madera Canyon in the Santa Ritas (on […]

Sometimes You Just Get Lucky

I was recently leading a dragonfly walk at Agua Caliente Park. I had several children and adults in the group and we were seeing some cool dragons- Roseate Skimmer, Flame Skimmer, and Mexican Amberwing, to name a few. I was a few feet in front of the others, scouting for more odonates. I was intently […]

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