First of the Season

This morning I saw my first Cloudless Sulphur of the season.  The butterfly, a male, was nectaring on Red Bird-of-Paradise.  It has been a very slow year for butterflies in the yard, so this was a welcome sight! Cloudless Sulphurs cannot tolerate freezing temperatures, so each year they must re-populate Arizona from Mexico.

Agua Caliente and Mt. Lemmon

This morning I decided to do some birding.  So, hit a couple of spots that I hadn’t visited in awhile to see what was around.  The weather was perfect and the birding was outstanding. My first stop was Agua Caliente Park on the northeast side of Tucson.  In the area between the parking lot and […]

Finally Getting Going

It has been a long time since I have posted anything on my blog.  First, I switched hosting companies and there were some software issues that had to be worked out.  Second, and most important, I just got lazy. Now, I am back and am looking forward to resuming posting on my blog.  I will […]

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