When I put trips on the schedule, I don’t often look at the weather forecast for the date of the trip.  I figure the chances of it be correct are not that great, so what’s the point.  As luck would have it, I scheduled my annual butterfly trip to Harshaw on the coldest morning we […]

A Change to the Arizona Butterfly Checklist

Birders are very familiar with the frequent changes to the classification and naming of birds. Each year, the American Ornithologists Union Checklist Committee publishes an update to the AOU Checklist of North American Birds. The changes presented are not simply based on opinion or hunch. They are based on published scientific data that has appeared […]

August Butterfly Bonanza

The monsoon season has brought about a big upswing in butterfly activity.  In my yard, Red Bird-of-Paradise, Butterfly Bush, Verbena, and Lantana are all in full flower and attracting butterflies like mad. Just in the past couple of days, I have seen Pipevine, ‘Desert’ Black, and Giant Swallowtails have been flitting around the yard.  Thay […]

Mt. Lemmon Butterfly Sojourn

This morning I had the pleasure of leading a group of participants from OASIS on a butterfly field trip to the Santa Catalina Mountains on the outskirts of Tucson.  It was the first butterfly field trip for many of the participants and all were very eager to hit the cooler temps of the mountains. Our […]

Acacia Skippers

This morning I did some scouting for an upcoming butterfly field trip.  I hit a few spots at low elevations along the Catalina Highway.  The first stop I made was at Molino Canyon Overlook.  The first butterfly that I saw was a Pipevine Swallowtail.  This is not surprising as this species is a large butterfly […]

First of the Season

This morning I saw my first Cloudless Sulphur of the season.  The butterfly, a male, was nectaring on Red Bird-of-Paradise.  It has been a very slow year for butterflies in the yard, so this was a welcome sight! Cloudless Sulphurs cannot tolerate freezing temperatures, so each year they must re-populate Arizona from Mexico.

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